Benjamin Franklin - We all crave the finer things in life

Benjamin Franklin wasn't the only one with expensive taste. We all crave the finer things in life, rightfully so. It's better to buy what will last you years. Would you rather spend $10 a week on an item or $40 for a year? It's better to pay more now than having to worry about it breaking later. Follow your heart and guide yourself to the happiness you deserve.

 It's no wonder the tongue in this photo is licking its money made lips. The most important lesson is to not spend money on things you don't need. I'm sure your mother would tell you the same thing. No more late-night donut runs. No more alcohol-fueled parties at home with your friends. You stay home and think about not using your money until it's the right time. Rent, education, and work are the first things you need to think about.

When you have used your money wisely, only then may you spend your money to buy something nice for yourself. We all deserve a treat after a hard day of work. Perhaps buying a huge swimming pool and filling it up with mac and cheese is the way to go. Why? Just because you can. As the kids say, JK (Just Kidding).
Benjamin came from a very big family. He was his dad's 15th child. He needed to have an expensive taste to survive being teased by his siblings. We all know what it's like to have a family member bully us, but protect us when other people try to bully us. Only family is allowed to tease family. That's the unwritten rule of siblings.
If you work hard and save your money, you too can become an inventor just like Benjamin Franklin. Spend money to make money, baby. Don't let the worries of money stop you from being happy. Save your money now and have fun later.