What does Hustle mean to you?

Hustle is when you set your eyes on something and do whatever it takes to make it there. Having the ambition to push through any obstacle that stands in your way will guarantee your success. It involves the self-transformation of ourselves, from who we used to be to where we currently are. Never looking back at the bad times, but moving forward as we hustle our way to a happier mental place.

Along the journey, you must find the courage to avoid the negative thoughts screaming at you. Years of frustration from not seeing results shouldn’t stop you from reaching your full potential. Don’t let those setbacks stop you from pushing past the barriers blocking you. We have to always remember the small victories are sometimes the ones most worth celebrating. They are what help the bigger victories be more accessible.

Hu - Periodic Hustle


People are successful when they believe in themselves enough to take a chance. You can either go all out or sit down at home and watch life pass you by. You can’t be a leader from at home on the couch. You can be a leader by standing up for yourself and putting that hustle to good use. Your mental health will be so much better when you’ve done everything you wanted to do. Don’t take a moment for granted and hang on to every mile you’ve ever walked. No matter how far you’ve had to travel.

Live every day like it’s your last. Fight for each moment and make it count. You don’t know if tomorrow will even come, so make sure you hold on to every day. When you’ve reached your destination, you’ll realize that it was worth it in the end. All the times you were ever told that you weren’t good enough, you’ll have proven those people wrong. Never regret those decisions because they will define who you are.