Ignyte Benjamin Franklin Expensive Taste

With this canvas not only will you be able to look at Benjamin Franklin's beautiful lips, but brag to all your friends about how amazing they are. This is a once in a lifetime canvas that is available today at an affordable price. The light color works well to compliment a room without taking up a lot of space. There's also no seasonal theme so it can be shown year round.

The best part is that you can wake up every single day and see the money. Money may not grow on trees, but it will grow on this canvas. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Get your hands on it today!

My mother once told me, "If you don't have money then marry someone who does." I haven't found anyone to marry. So, this canvas is the next best thing.

 This particular piece of art was made from Ignyte. Staying up day and night to work on each piece in order to bring you something new and fresh every time. It feels like the tongue is going to come to life. Art is open to interpretation and this design is certainly going to get people talking.

The teeth are so good you have to believe his friend was a dentist. Not one cavity in there. You have to admire the dedication to maintaining a healthy mouth.
Maybe that's why money is gravitating around the teeth? It's the money maker.
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Domestic Shipping(USA): approximately 2-4 business days
International Shipping: approximately 1-2 weeks due to Covid

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