Ignyte Don't Quit


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee with this canvas art by Ignyte. Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest of all time because he never quit, no matter how tough his opponents were. To be a champion is to go beyond your own expectations while giving the critics something to remember. When life knocks you down, keep on getting up.

It's so easy for us to give up when life tries to break us down, but nobody ever got successful by giving up something they loved. When the bell rings and the spotlight is on, we have to remember why we want to keep going because that's what will define us for the rest of our lives. Do we want to be afraid? Or do we want to win that championship and tell the world what we accomplished?

The black background on this art adds a nice compliment to highlighting the boxing gloves. If we want to fight for what we believe in, we need the right tools. Boxing gloves, in the world of boxing, symbolizes our regular hands in everyday life. We could just stay home and play video games all day, but the hard work of training for life is so much more satisfying in the end. The reward is true happiness.

Being a champion means that you are the hardest worker in the building, which is something a few people are willing to do. Never settle for anything less than mediocre goals.

Be like Muhammad Ali and give each day 100% in the best way possible. By not giving up, you're not only silencing the critics but the negative voice in your head telling you to quit. There's a reason why people still talk about him today and it's because of the hard work he put in to make himself one of the best. A few losses never set him back. He stood right back up and continued to live his life with everything he had.
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