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Our Story

This is only the beginning. Listen to our story.

Ignyte was formed in 2020 to create art that is built to inspire and motivate. What began as a hobby in 2018 between two good mates has evolved into a passion of loving art, creating and expanding ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life.

What's our why?

When your vision is always in front of you - you can see it, touch it and let it inspire you daily - you'll have a real reminder of why you're hustling. You'll never lose sight of your greatest dreams in the day-to-day trivialities. Our art is a daily reminder to stay consistent. In today's world of distraction, social media and negativity, there's nothing better to keep you centered and sane when everything else is trying to pull you away from your purpose.

This is only the beginning. We believe that art is for everyone, and our mission is to help inspire individuals and motivate you, through the art that we create. Art has a meaning to each individual and we want to bring out the love for art in everyone.