Ignyte Be Like Water


Being like water is a simple concept that is difficult to master, much like Bruce Lee's one inch punch. This piece of art by Ignyte symbolizes the meaning of not being trapped in a certain mindset and allowing yourself to be transformed from within by determination. Only when you allow yourself to grow can you be a better version of who you were yesterday.

This canvas has a nice light color that is easy on the eyes, carefully handcrafted to suit the needs of different people while maintaining a professional feel to it. Never settle for anything less than you deserve when you are worth it.

The mind is our friend, but it can also be our enemy. Those who are unwilling to change will remain living with negative thoughts until they choose to adapt and make a positive change that will affect them permanently. Hanging this canvas on your wall will allow you to remember why it's important to make a change. Positive affirmations will train your brain to throw away those unwanted inner voices and fully embrace happiness.

Bruce Lee didn't wake up great. He trained every single day for years. It's easy for us to forget, as humans, that all we need is practice. It's easy to compare ourselves to other people and say, "I'll never be as good as them." You don't have to be like anybody else. Just be you and worry about how you can train your mind and body to be like water.

5'000 punches a day for Bruce Lee is the equivalent of us needing to get rid of 5'000 negative thoughts a day. If you put in the work, you'll notice how much stronger you're becoming. Giving up after a day or a week of not seeing results will only make the situation worse. You have to train every day.

Pick up this canvas today for the motivation you need to ensure success. We all need a reminder every once in a while.


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