Ignyte Life Is A Trip


There's a reason why people choose to travel around the world. We only have one life to live and deserve to make the most of it, no matter how busy we get with work. If we sit back and let everything happen without us, we're never truly living until we go out and explore.

This canvas by Ignyte is beautiful to look at but will remind you to go out and see the world. You don't need a million dollars and an expensive car to travel. The most memorable moments are the ones we create ourselves by exploring what is available to us. Through the understanding of self-importance, we can manifest our minds by capitalizing on each opportunity that is presented to us.

Ever wanted that dream job? What's stopping you from achieving it? If you live life in fear, you'll always be holding yourself down. The worst thing one can do is settle for being less than who they truly are. When we let others control who we are it can change the foundation of ourselves. Always remember that when you work hard, you get to play hard. Sitting back and watching opportunities slip away will only feed the cycle of depression. We deserve to have good mental health. However, we have to work hard for it.

Beauty exists in all things. The moment we forget to admire the world around us is when we lose sight of what is important. We only have one chance to live this life. We might as well make the most of it by doing everything we want to do. We must exist to please ourselves before pleasing anybody else.

This art is symbolic of self-realization and knowing that the only boundaries in this world are the ones we set for ourselves. Break those boundaries down and never again live with regret.

Artist: @Danlazard 

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