Ignyte Conquer Ourselves


How many mountains stand in your way? Well, today is the day to conquer them and stand tall as victory is within your grasp. This canvas, made by Ignyte, has a light color that makes the room feel cozy. This professional looking design is a nice touch for those who also have an office.

All of us start at the bottom of the mountain and work our way up slowly. The higher we climb, the harder it is as we go up. Some people give up when the challenge is too much, but when we get brave and conquer the mountain is the moment we have achieved something special.

People risk everything to be able to tell the story of how they all climbed some of the tallest mountains in existence. There are various types of them in the world, which is symbolic of the obstacles we face each day. We can choose to give up or keep going. We have to prepare for each mountain or obstacle so we can understand how to conquer them.

This particular piece of art will help to remind you why it's important to keep going. Especially with how crazy 2020 has been. There's no better time to take care of your mental health than right now.

One thing people often forget is that it's okay to go back a few steps and rethink the way you want to approach each mountain. A lot of times, people are too afraid to go back. They just want to rush through things and knock everything down in one shot. Nobody wants to admit that they made a mistake along the way. It's okay to head back down and retrace your steps with a new plan.

With the inner strength of your body and mind, not even a 29'000 feet tall mountain can stop you. Just don't forget to drink plenty of water along the way.

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